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Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 19

Reflection - Essay Example particle, oil and other shopper items, for example, Band-Aid, Neutrogena, Listerine and Tylenol have demonstrated, on numerous occasions, that they are sheltered to utilize and that they were produced to serve the requirements and requests of customers who are wellbeing cognizant and touchy. In that capacity, Johnson and Johnson’s the board successfully thought of the â€Å"why† factor first which is to provide food first to serving and tending to the wellbeing needs and prosperity of their clients, more than others. Considering the â€Å"why† factor in my own life, individuals can comprehend my â€Å"why† without really letting them know through showing my own convictions, qualities and methods of reasoning in the activities and conduct that is seen by others. For instance, in the event that I solidly have faith in displaying just and reasonable treatment to other people, in spite of decent variety in social, ethnic, or racial foundations, I ought to have the option to demonstrate equivalent and only treatment to all through conveying and connecting with others in a conscious and suitable way consistently. Moreover, the message that my â€Å"why† of administration would concentrate on displaying attributes and authority style that would be a motivation to other people and would make them similarly rousing to those they meet. This would require holding fast to moral, good and lawful sets of principles and conduct that show authentic responsibility and regard to esteeming the turn of events and development of individuals I lead. In doing as such, these devotees would be ordered to imitate my initiative style and help with sharing and applying that moving style to other people. A similar message would be handed-off to individuals who are managing me. At the point when they see that I could be a motivation to my adherents through the moral, good and legitimate principles of driving others; at that point, ideally, they would likewise be propelled to follow a similar style in driving. A straightforward case of a period in my life when I accept my activities were motivating to others is by demonstrating devotion and responsibility in achieving praiseworthy scholarly

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The History of Interqual free essay sample

The historical backdrop of InterQual keeps on being composed, yet what it has accomplished in 30 years is amazing. A huge number of individuals in medical clinics, wellbeing plans and government organizations use InterQual proof based clinical choice help models day by day to help answer basic inquiries regarding the fittingness of levels of care and asset use. The rules have characterized and legitimize the orders of use and care the executives, giving clinical chiefs and other medical clinic and wellbeing plan experts support in making the kind of target, proof based choices that characterize top-quality, productive consideration and make the way for more noteworthy straightforwardness and coordinated effort among payors and suppliers. The Health Care Financing Administration (presently the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services) licenses InterQual Criteria for use in auditing Medicare emergency clinic inpatient administrations. Rules for EKG †¢ One gauge EKG required at the principal office visit {First attempt to get it from past PCP} †¢ Second EKG required by pt’s side effects, e. We will compose a custom exposition test on The History of Interqual or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page g. syncope, palpitations, chest torment, brevity of breath or according to MD’s clinical judgment Guidelines for Echocardiogram††¢ New beginning of afibrillation/atrial shudder †¢ New EKG variation from the norm { Always come close with old EKG} †¢ Arrhythmias †¢ New mumble by physical test LV work assessmentâ€h/o CABG, h/o CHF, New CHF by physical test, intense MI, old MI, occasional evaluation of EF lt; 40%, pt on chemo with cardio poisonous operators †¢ Before sending pt to Cardiology †¢ Suspected valvular endocarditis †¢ Prosthetic valve appraisal †¢ Valvular coronary illness †¢ Congenital coronary illness †¢ Pericardial coronary illness †¢ Suspected hypertrophic cardiomyopathy †¢ Acute cardio-pneumonic brokenness †¢ Respiratory disappointment with hemodynamic flimsiness Cardiology Referral††¢ Do practically everything up from office before sending pt to cardiology e. g. EKG, Echo, Holter, PT/INR Please express the purpose behind referral to cardiology e. g. Cardiology assessment for conceivable atomic pressure test Indications†New afibrillation/atrial ripple Dyspnea, after R/O pneumonic issue Chest torment with hazard factors for CAD and new irregular EKG {Always contrast and old EKG, don't pass by just PC reading} {Risk factors for CAD-DM, HTN, elevated cholesterol, smoking, positive family ancestry for CAD, ladies gt; 55 yo, Males gt; 45 yo, cocaine misuse Post MI New indication of angina Palpitations/tachycardia New CHF New exercise initiated palpitations Non-supported Ventricular tachycardia Abnormal EKGâ€look for ST-T variation from the norm, Q wave gt; 1 mm {Always contrast and old EKG}

The Black Swan

Prior to the revelation of Australia, all the world had never observed a dark swan. A unimaginable achievement in someones life before this time was alluded to as â€Å" a dark swan.† The minor sight of one dark swan after the disclosure of Australia refuted the a great many long periods of sightings of white swans and thinking they were the main types of swan. This speculation that was put on the term â€Å"black swan† before the english control of Australia is only a case of the delineation of the human psyche and how one locating can modify the attitude of thousands of long periods of reasoning. The creator Nassim Taleb has given as long as he can remember to theory, vulnerability, likelihood and money. Beginning as a driver, Nassim stirred his way up to turn into a representative broker and later a college educator. By utilizing his hypothesis of Mediocristan and Extremistan, Taleb clarifies how the effect of the exceptionally unrealistic influences we all and by and by every individual has a bunch of â€Å"black swans† which change our lives for the better , or the more terrible. Mediocristan are anything but difficult to anticipate occasions that are anything but difficult to intellectually figure, while extremistan are occasions that are unusual and influence the world in a significant manner. The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb is a true to life reasoning book that communicates one keeps an eye on hypothesis on uncommon human occasions that occur all of a sudden, yet incredibly sway the world as we probably am aware it. This book can be viewed as a journal of Taleb’s life and how his examination has been his dark swan, and has driven him to face challenges and go more prominent separations than he would have without the motivation. The reason for this book is to advise the peruser regarding the effect of the exceptionally eccentric. A dark swan , regarding an occasion has 3 properties, 1. It is difficult to foresee dependent on authentic data, 2. Low consistency †High result , 3. The occasions are perspectively flighty yet reflectively unsurprising. The dark swan occasions occur in everyones lives, or if nothing else â€Å"affect† everybody lives. For instance one of the most well known dark swans in ongoing history is the innovation of the PC and internet. Initially observed as a stock air pocket by intel, is currently a multi trillion dollar industry and an enormous piece of the world are in contact with it. The book sets out on numerous people groups excursions and experiences with dark swans, all experiences were surprising yet modified the people groups lives in a significant manner. The book happens in Lebanon however generally New York, where amusingly huge numbers of the dark swans occur. Having to do with various scientific equations, Taleb’s book hits the major central purposes of uncommon occasions and that everybody experiences them making all individuals dark swans in there own way. This book ought to be perused by anybody keen on reasoning or the financial exchange. In spite of the fact that individuals don’t see it along these lines, yet the securities exchange is legitimately influenced by dark swans and such things referenced in the book as Gaussin’s chime bend or mediocristan and extremistan. These equations and theory’s influence the market and influence the life of individuals. This book was fascinating and in the wake of understanding it, the peruser gets an alternate view on life and how significant occasions in there life time, ex. ( 9/11, creation of the computer†¦) influence there life and effect there everyday advancement as an individual.

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How to Help With My Paper

How to Help With My PaperWhen I first heard about how to help with my paper, I was worried. Because I am a major in college and not really in the 'professionals' business. I had studied fine arts in college and now I was thinking of going back to school for a master's degree in fine arts. But I decided that I wanted to help with my paper.Be careful. One of the reasons that people leave school is because they do not feel that they can work hard enough to finish. This can make students feel really bad and they will end up quitting. So, if you are worried about how to help with your paper, keep working. But just know that there are other ways to help with your paper that are much easier than having to rewrite and redo it.The first way is to find some help from a professor or even a tutor. If you are enrolled in a major, find a tutor or maybe a professor who can help you with your paper. Your professor or the professor of the class may be able to offer suggestions for what you should put into your paper and how you should phrase your essay. This can make the difference between a decent grade and a bad grade on your paper.Another way to help with your paper is to find someone who can critique your paper. This is a very good idea for a couple of reasons. You can get a good idea of what is good and what is not in your paper, which can help you to improve your paper.Writing for your professor is an extremely important step when it comes to helping with your paper. You want to write your paper for your professor. This is their course so you want to make sure that your essay is going to make sense and that your arguments will be supported by your professor.Another way to help with your paper is to use the power of the internet. Go online and search for sample essays that other students have used in their papers. You can also find out how to help with your paper using the resources that are already available to you.I have even seen some people just rewrite their old paper from their high school yearbook into a different format. They learned how to help with their paper and then applied that knowledge. But I have also seen the same student rework their essay many times before it was completed. This often happens when you have too much information and are not sure where to start.If you decide that you want to help with your paper, you are going to have to take action immediately. There is no time for putting off a project that you have been assigned to do. I hope that the tips that I have given you to help you to answer your question of how to help with my paper.

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Write A Letter Of Recommendation For A Friend With Ease!

September 22, 2019 Anyone who’s looking for a job or is going to obtain a decent education or apply for a grant knows how essential a recommendation letter can be. That’s why many students face this assignment in their universities or in real life. So you need to know how to write it in order to help your employees or prepare a template for yourself. Regardless of your purposes, you need to learn how to give written recommendations. And we are ready to help. Definition of a letter of recommendation First things first it is important to understand a definition. A recommendation letter is a document where the skills, capabilities, and qualifications of the particular person described. They are evaluated in accordance with the position or privileges to which the individual applies. The letter can be written by your previous manager, or a tutor, or a professor in the case you need an academic letter of recommendation. That means you should perform a request to the individual you trust enough. The reverse situation may also happen when you will be asked to write this letter. That’s why it is better for you to be always ready. Why are letters of recommendation important? When people send their resumes to work, documents to the university, for an internship or a scholarship, they seek to show their best. Attach only those documents that show their positive experience can confirm their value in the eyes of the employer or educational institution. Facts can be verified, but there is still much evidence that cannot be verified officially. For example, the fact that a person is often late is irresponsible in his duties and fails his or her colleagues. Or vice versa, he is always friendly and attentive. For this, you need a specific letter. If you occupy a good position and have achieved something, you can judge a person as a student or employee. Thus, you can give him a recommendation by telling about your experience in communication and cooperation. Several points to consider before writing Always remember, that someone’s future is at stake because of your letter of recommendation. This person is waiting for a good review for you, so try to build his or her reputation to secure their future. You have a big responsibility in your hands. It is essential to make your letter of recommendation relevant. Keep in mind the subject matter that the paper was requested for. For example, if your acquaintance is preparing a request for admission, you should write only about those qualifications that are connected with an educational specific. Make sure, that you include knowledge, skill, and capabilities that are relevant to the desired position of the individual. Remember that your main goal is not to praise the individual, not to tell how wonderful he is and how he deserves all the best. You should write the truth only, describing their character, personality. That’s why you can even decline the request if you don’t know that person well enough. Do not take such responsibility if you are not ready to vouch for someone. Otherwise, you’ll face some unnecessary discrepancies. This is a common paper, no property sales contract. Don’t be to shy and show your creativity while writing the letter of recommendation. But don’t let that feeling take control so much. You need to come up with a short and detailed recommendation letter, avoid irrelevant data. Before coming up with a paper, ask the person to show you their resume and cover letter. This will help you make a recommendation that will be in harmony with existing documents. How to write a professional letter of recommendation Follow this format to succeed. Salutation Imagine that you’re writing a common letter to somebody. Of course, you will start with a salutation. It isn’t a must for a professional letter, but you may include it. You can write something like  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Dear Mr. Doe†. If you don’t know the name actually, rely on the common  Ã¢â‚¬Å"To whom it may concern,†. Introduction Start on a positive note. Open a letter with a short, but nice phrase. You’ll show the reader that you believe in the individual. Don’t be insincere, don’t lie, but an enthusiastic note to start will help you a lot. Write something like:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"I’m really happy to recommend Annie for the internship at ABC Company.†, â€Å"No matter what Annie Smith does, she does it well†.  Also, you can provide some additional information, for example, tell about your relationship with this person, how long were you working together, why you, and not another person, write this recommendation. The body   The main chapter is the most essential. It is your chance to provide your arguments and to persuade the person for whom you’re writing. So you should write down a list of skills, capabilities, knowledge, additional useful information and then come up with a letter with all that data included. Do brainstorming before that to make sure you’ve written all the ideas possible. It will help you to structure your text, to make it logical, consistent and persuasive. You should write about the educational or working background, about character, about personality. Use this list to mention all the useful information: potential (e.g. leadership); skills\strengths\abilities; consistency; responsibility; motivation; character; ability to set goals; team working; accomplishments​; personal experience. If you’re sure that the individual always meets deadlines and you can prove that with some examples, write about it. If you know how ambitious the person is, which goals he or she has, write about it. Your letter of recommendation should be personal, with your own opinion, your thoughts, and reflexion. If you had doubts, and then the person refuted them, write about that. It is natural that people have doubts, and it is essential how others deal with them. List the main achievements, difficult situations, dilemmas. Make sure that this all happened right before your eyes. That’s how you will build trust, confidence that your words are true. Ending And of course. you should make some conclusions. This chapter will help you to organize them and to make a logical ending. You can sum up your experience of knowing the individual, of working or studying with him or her. Think of how you can make a strong remark to help. Do not overdo it. Youve already described all the information in the previous section. Now you just need to draw conclusions and leave a pleasant aftertaste for the reader. And don’t forget to include your contact information: name, number, email to provide the addressee with an opportunity to get in touch with you. They may need some clarifications, so be ready for that and don’t ignore their questions. How to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship A letter of recommendation for a scholarship is one of the types of academic letters. That’s why you should use the same technique or manner. It is important to write about academic qualifications, knowledge, skills. There are certain requirements for scholarships, and your task is to tell in a letter that the student does totally meet them. If it is true, of course. Help the reader understand as more as possible about the person. Does he or she really deserve this scholarship, what skills and achievements can confirm this? Take a look at the generally accepted structure. It is needed to understand how to write an application with a letter for a scholarship. Remember that there are different educational levels. Students can apply for college or university, request a letter written by a teacher, and for a letter written for a teacher. Writing the academic recommendation letter you should follow the same format as the professional one. But there are some insignificant differences. Take a look: You should write about a particular educational establishment if you’re writing for a student. Or about a particular job, when it is a teacher who is applying. Tell only about positive things, no negative and doubts. You should increase the chances of acceptance. If you can’t do that, just don’t write the letter and ask the applicant to contact another person. When it goes about an academic letter of recommendation, not only content is important, but also layout. You should follow particular requirements, such as the volume, the size, delivery system, etc. All this will be taken into account. Personal letters of character reference letters may be requested by different instances. You can write that letter even if you are a friend, a neighbor, a business client, etc. Writing a personal letter of recommendation, start with a normal salutation, something like  Dear Peter  or  Dear Anna.   Identify 1 or 2 essential traits, focus and build of them writing a letter. It is important to find those traits by yourself, but don’t be carried away by your attachments to the personal. Always remember your letter should include useful information only, without any sentimental facts or memories. Of course, it is not easy, especially when it goes about a close person. But you should be honest and preserve integrity in your letter. Preparing your paper for submission, follow the requirements. Make sure your document has the proper format (word or pdf), send a physical letter or an email, during to rules given. Reread your letter several times. It should be positive, express your full confidence in the person, show that you recommend him or her and have reasons for this. Upon completion, inform the person you wrote about that you are already done with a letter of recommendation. Take a look at a good example to understand what is required of you. It is a temple just to inspire you and to provide you with an idea of what is expected from you. Or if you don’t feel confident, you can order a letter of recommendation by professional writers. Just provide us with all the information, and we’ll prepare a perfect paper for you. The next important step is the presentation of your letter. It should be attractive for the reader, cause a desire to read it. To do this, you need to choose the font of the text and its size, color, use different formatting tools to facilitate reading. Or just follow requirements if theyre provided. Of course, you must have flawless grammar. Reread your letter to make sure you dont have any mistakes. Write easily, conveying your idea and thoughts so that you are understood correctly. It is very important to clarify in advance whether there are any requirements for the format or content of the letter. Especially if this is not a real letter, but a student assignment. The number of words, format styles, dates all this must be observed. Do not ignore any of these specifications, even if they seem insignificant. If you prove yourself on the worse side, what will they think of the person to whom you wrote the recommendation? Just think about it. Obviously, writing a letter of recommendation is not a difficult task at all. If you wish, you can deal with it very quickly. Think about the impression that the person you are writing about has made on you. Now your task is to share this experience with others. Make a plan that will facilitate the task and help to avoid unnecessary facts. Remember that someone’s future may depend on your letter of recommendation, so write it carefully and responsibly. Or order a paper written by our professional writers. We will make this letter as personal as possible, using your information and requirements!

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The Country The Heart of it All - 736 Words

In Bless Me, Ultima, the beauty of the open prairie is an essential part of the book. The country setting adds to the primitivism and ignorance of people because their belief in witchcraft. The country, however, adds to spiritualism of the book because the magnificent prairie is open to many spiritual interpretations. Most importantly, the country functions as a guide for Antonio to discover who he is. The country setting adds to the ignorance of the people because most people believe in witchcraft. The book is set in Guadalupe, New Mexico towards the end of the Second World War. Most of the people in the town are uneducated, or have little value towards education. A good example of this would be Andrew. He has stated that â€Å"if there’s one thing I learned in the army, it’s that the guy with an education gets ahead† (pg.73). However, he never fulfilled his statement; Andrew dropped out of school shortly after Narciso died. While Antonio’s mom does want him to be a â€Å"man of learning,† she only wants him to learn enough to become a priest (pg.53). The lack of education is what leads to all the chaos in the town. People knew that â€Å"the war made [Lupito] sick,† but they didn’t know how to help him (pg.16). They ended up killing him because they thought he was evil and couldn’t be reasoned with. Likewise, witchcraft is treated like treason. â€Å"The rancher swore that he etched a cross on his bullet, and that proved that the old woman was a witch, and so he was let free, under theShow MoreRelatedThe Country: The Heart of It All925 Words   |  4 PagesBless Me, Ultima, the beauty of the open prairie is an essential part of the book. The country setting adds to the primitivism and ignorance of people because their belief in witchcraft. The country, however, adds to spiritualism of the book because the magnificent prairie is open to many spiritual interpretations. Most importantly, the country fun ctions as a guide for Antonio to discover who he is. The country setting adds to the ignorance of the people because many are uneducated and believe inRead MoreComparison of the Rates of Heart Disease in the United States and Japan1175 Words   |  5 PagesHeart disease, also known cardiovascular disease, is an illness like none other; it takes an unfortunate toll on the body and causes many malfunctions. People who deal with this disorder suffer from problems such as heart attacks, coronary heart disease, heart failure, and more. Although heart disease is a major concern for many people, it is not as prevalent for those in certain parts of the world. This paper compares the rates of heart disease in the United States versus those in Japan. After studyingRead MoreHeart Disease Is The Most Common Cause Of Death1492 Words   |  6 PagesPeople all around the world pass away every day for numerous reasons. Maybe it was a natural death, or an accident, or a really bad sickness. However more often than not, heart disease is the most co mmon cause of death. Heart disease affects people of all ages, race, and gender. Heart disease can be defined as â€Å"any condition of the heart that impairs its function,† ( These conditions include heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. Heart disease in general, is the most prevalentRead MoreJoseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1713 Words   |  7 Pages Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, published in 1899, is a novella (a short novel or long short story) that is a good representation of the genre of colonial literature; it is about Marlow, who is a sailor, and his voyage up the Congo River. His top priority is to meet Kurtz, a man who is known for his success of collecting ivory and his other captivating potentials. Marlow’s journey begins once he accepts a job with the Company, a Belgian organization concernedRead MoreCardiovascular Disease ( Cvd ), High Blood Pressure, Congestive Heart Failure1662 Words   |  7 Pagesliterature review will cover 20 different articles and journals pertaining to cardiovascular disease (CVD), high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, hypertension and other coronary heart disease among the Muslim community. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the decreasing of blood flow due to condensing and toughening of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles. A recent study found tha t every 33 seconds, there are death from CVD in the United States (ARA, 2004). The main problems associatedRead MoreCanada s Immigration System Lacks Heart879 Words   |  4 PagesCanada’s immigration system lacks heart, critics say, is an article filled with professional opinions and debates. These debates and opinions are regarding the humanitarian and compassionate side of immigration and refugee law in Canada. The article’s main purpose is to expose how Canada has changed its compassion for acceptance of refugees in recent years. Canada has always been recognized as an accepting and â€Å"go-to† country in crisis. However, in recent years, there have been changes. RefugeeRead MoreHypertension : High Blood Pressure1157 Words   |  5 Pagesdiseases (CDK), and heart failures. However, organized hypertension prevention and control interventions have demonstrated to decrease the detrimental outcomes. Additionally, the management of salt consumption also displays a decrease of blood pressure towards the population at risk. A global-base assessment of hypertension programs and salt consumptions was performed. This quantitative data provided geographical patterns, which was evaluated to identify and determine which countries are in greatestRead MoreEssay on On Heart Disease877 Words   |  4 PagesOn Heart Disease Coronary heart disease makes up 56% of all deaths relating to heart conditions. The heart pumps blood around the body carrying oxygen and other essential nutrients to the areas in the body where they are needed.1 Coronary Heart disease is when this process is restricted or interrupted. The coronary arteries come off the main aorta, which are the first arteries to receive freshly oxygenated blood. They pass over the surface of the heart and supply itRead MoreRobots Is Not So Foreign950 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause they take away our military’s heart and soul, they eliminate the humanitarian effort, and their programming can be unpredictable. Primarily, a robot infantry takes away the greatest part of our country’s fighting force, the people’s heart and soul. There is something special about the men and women who join our military. This goes as far back as the first members of the first military units. The pride our citizens have always felt for their country causes them to join for so many reasonsRead MoreMyocardial Infarction Is The Technical Name For A Heart Attack1703 Words   |  7 Pagesinfarction is the technical name for a heart attack, is the damage and death of heart muscle from the sudden blockage of a coronary artery by a blood clot. Coronary arteries are blood vessels that supply the heart muscle with blood and oxygen. Blockage of a coronary artery deprives the heart muscle of blood and oxygen, causing injury to the heart muscle. Injury to the heart muscle causes chest pain and chest pressure sensation. If blood flow is not restored to the heart muscle within 20 to 40 minutes, irreversi ble